About Joseph

Joseph Tohill is a municipal policy advising professional with a background in urban planning, GIS, and communications and a passion for helping municipalities unleash their economic potential. He has worked in cities across Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, with a diversity of planning and policy experience that includes:

  • supporting provincial-level policy development through policy analysis, research, stakeholder engagement, and inter-ministerial consultation
  • conducting transportation studies with the use of mobile data collection and GIS
  • producing reports to inform transportation planning and policy
  • coordinating community engagement workshops
  • conducting spatial analysis, data collection, and mixed-methods research to support local planning initiatives.
Presenting options to incorporate child-friendly design at a community consultation in Peterborough. Photo credit: Paul Flude.

Presenting options to incorporate child-friendly design at a community consultation in Peterborough. Photo credit: Paul Flude.

In addition, professional training in Ryerson University’s Master of Planning program has provided Joseph with skills necessary to tackle many of the challenges faced by cities in an increasingly globalizing, multicultural, and environmentally-conscious world. Joseph understands how planning projects fit within the legal and institutional framework of the planning system, can devise work plans to effectively serve clients’ needs, can compile development proposals based on extensive site research and knowledge of relevant policies, and can critically evaluate the methodological and theoretical underpinnings of planning projects.

Throughout his work at the City of Vancouver, the City of Calgary, and the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs, he has actively led evidence-based policy projects addressing a range of important urban issues – from unlocking municipal economic development tools to engaging in comprehensive research into Vancouver’s economy. Key successes include:

  • The development of a new business incubator regulation in Ontario that will help municipalities support local economic development objectives, including small business growth;
  • Passage of legislative and regulatory amendments under Bill 68 in Ontario that will help municipalities better leverage $21.3 billion in financial assets to finance their infrastructure needs;
  • Completion of a comprehensive parking inventory of Calgary’s Central Business District to inform parking strategy and active transportation planning; and
  • Research into Vancouver’s local economy, including advanced visualizations/maps of drivers of economic growth in Vancouver, and analysis into existing employment land policies in the City.

Throughout his career, Joseph looks forward to helping develop policies and plans to help municipalities establish sustainable, healthy, and vibrant communities.

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